MapReduce Animation

Got Big Data?

Big Data is the high-volume, low-signal data collected everywhere these days from diverse sources such as:

Apache Hadoop is an open-source infrastructure project that uses the MapReduce algorithm to provide a framework for parallelizing the processing of such mass quantities of data.

Hadoop runs on clusters of commodity Linux servers. Building larger computers does not scale up. Getting more computers does.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 computers in your cluster, can help you implement your Hadoop-based solutions.


We offer training in all aspects of production systems based on Open Source Software, including Linux system programming, administration, and scripting.

We are currently working on courseware for Hadoop MapReduce to be unveiled in Q4 2012.



Putting software systems into production can be as challenging as building the software in the first place; you need to think about monitoring, logging, load capacity, rollout, roll-back, and failover.

We implement production systems in C, C++, and Java, but we love scripting languages and appreciate the beauty of both Perl and Python. We will even tackle projects in Clojure or Erlang when appropriate.

We offer our expertise from strategic planning to implementation to help you avoid vendor lock-in.



Founded in 2012, is an exciting new training and consulting company based in Bellevue, WA.

We're all about helping you put your software into production. We specialize in open-source software to avoid vendor lock-in and to maximize our effectiveness.

We're particularly enthusiastic about Apache Hadoop which is a powerful, scalable infrastructure for distributed processing.